Wednesday, June 8, 2011

American Girl: A Birthday Party Review

A few weeks ago, on a lovely Saturday in May, my little Gymnastics Queen was invited to a birthday party.

It was at American Girl.

In New York City.

Excitement ensued.  There were giggles of excitement from the gymnastics team as they opened the invitations after practice.

The logistics of getting my daughter there immediately starting playing out in my mind.

Until I read the invitation.  And it indicated there was bus to transport the girls. We just had to show up and hop on a bus.

Excitement ensued.  There were giggles of excitement from all the parents on the gymnastics team as we discussed how easy this made our lives.

The day of the party my Gymnastics Queen dressed herself and her American Girl doll, Julie.  We arrived just in time to load the bus to the city.

As usual, cool kids sat in the back.  This translates to parents sitting in the front.

We arrived in New York City and the girls unloaded the bus onto the sidewalk.  The sun was shining and they were wide eyed with excitement.
We had an hour to spare before our sitting in the "Daisy Room".  This enabled the girls to browse through the store.

I can spare you the suspense, this store does not disappoint.

While browsing, we stumbled upon the second floor hair salon.
Naturally we made an appointment for Julie to get her hair done after the party.  It's much like Disney World, when you are there spending money somehow makes sense.

Don't ask.

In case you are planning on visiting American Girl, you can't make hair appointments over the phone.  You must make them in person.  Therefore it would be wise to head immediately to hair salon when you go to the store.

After appointments were made, we went upstairs to the cafe.
The room is breathtaking.  If you book a party this is the room you will be dining in unless you book the Daisy Room. 

We were led to the Daisy Room.  The girls and their dolls took their seats.
If you are without an American Girl doll they will loan you one for the party. 

While these parties are pricey, I must say everything was exquisite.  The menu is personalized with child's name, and the food was delicious.
Certain items such a sodas are extra.

An appetizer platter with cinnamon rolls, cheese, vegetables and pretzel rolls is immediately served while everyone looks over the menu.  

There are plenty of menu options for children AND adults.  

Some examples of the food:

Mini hot dog and hamburger platter
Chicken fingers and fries (or side of mac n cheese)
Turkey wrap with side salad and tomato soup

After lunch we gathered around to sing to the birthday girl.  The cake is included in the price of the party.  And it was one of the most delicious ice cream cakes I have ever eaten. 
 Layered chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate ice cream center.

The cake is cut and served to each party guest.  As I mentioned, this party does NOT disappoint.
After the meal, we headed back downstairs to the hair salon for our appointment.  My Gymnastics Queen selected a hairstyle and the transformation began.

Our doll went from this:
 To this:
All for the reasonable price of $20.00.  I should note I pay less for my real munchkins to get their cut, much less simply "styled".  But, as I mentioned, somehow when you are there this all makes sense.

Don't ask.

Our friend Sofia chose this style:
When making hair appointments you can also request ear piercing for an extra charge.

After the hair salon we had some time before the bus departed.  We walked the girls to Rockefeller Center and over to St. Patrick's Cathedral.  

When loading the bus the parents of the birthday girl handed out the American Girl goody bags.  These are included in the party.  Inside was a fleece blanket, tee shirt and play balloon for your American Girl.  

The ride home was considerably less loud.  This time we had several exhausted girls and dolls in the back of the bus. 

It was a full day in the city.  And an experience my little girl will never forget.  

For information on American Girl birthday parties visit their website: American Girl

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  1. OMG! Every little girls dream! We visited American Girl store in NYC years ago with my friend and her daughters. We ate breakfast there and perused the store. Oh boy! We just got one at a mall near here--Tyson's Corner, VA, and even though my daughter is no longer playing with them, I will be stopping in to see it! What an experience!

  2. Thank you for posting this! We are celebrating Sunshine's birthday at AG this week & I am SO happy to have seen the personalized menu, birthday cake, etc!

    And you're right---when you're there, the pricing makes sense. I call it "drinking the kool aid". I've had about a gallon or so!!

  3. Did you pay for each guest to get their dolls hair also or is it usually only the birthday girl?

    1. Hair was extra, guests who brought dolls had the option to do different things at their expense.

  4. Did you pay for the parents to eat?


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