Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Field Day

This past Friday was Field Day for my munchkins.

I certainly hope every school in the United States recognizes Field Day.  I realize this most likely is not the case, but a Mom can dream.

Field Day should be a national holiday.  Every munchkin should awake with that excitement.  It is the Christmas morning of school days.

A truly miraculous event for elementary school kids.

It is a day to wake up and dress in your team color.

A day to hang with friends and exert all the extra energy that comes with "end of school year" anticipation. 

A day to bring your "A" game. 

Because you don't want your team to lose.

There are enthusiastic spectators.

And there is down time with friends.

The day is jam packed full of relay-race-Italian-ice-carnival-game fun.  The students and teachers flush the regular routine and enjoy themselves.

And even the tiniest of munchkins return home exhausted.

I'm wishing everyone a day like Field Day this summer.  Get outside and flush the regular routine.  The long sunny days and the warm laid back evenings are upon us.

Enjoy them! 

Happy Wednesday!

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