Monday, June 6, 2011

Homemade Ice Cream Cake

As any of my followers, readers, family or friends know I am an ice cream fan.



I eat ice cream almost daily.  It's good for the bones.

It should come as no surprise that ice cream cake is one of my favorite ways to celebrate a birthday.  And when I say ice cream cake I don't mean chocolate and vanilla with crunchies in the middle.

Those cakes bore my taste buds to bits.

I'd rather have a real cake with buttercream frosting and fudge filling. 

When I say ice cream cake I mean with cookie dough ice cream.  Or mint chip.  Or coffee.  Or all three layered to the sky.

These cakes are hard to find.  But so very worth the effort and dry ice to transport them.  Dairy Queen makes a killer homemade ice cream cake, as does Cold Stone Creamery.

But since birthdays are a two to three day affair with my munchkins (school party Friday, family party Saturday friend party Sunday), more than one cake to commemorate their day of birth is needed. 

This gets pricey.

To save money I made my own ice cream cake this year for my Sports Fanatic.  These cakes are not hard to make, they are just very time consuming with many steps.

But they are delish.  And so very worth the effort.  No dry ice needed.

9" Round Cake, prepared and cooled, any flavor
Oreo Cookies (approximately 20)
1 cup chocolate Syrup
1/2 Gallon Ice Cream, any flavor
1 container Cool Whip 

Prepare a 9" round cake according to package directions.  One box mix can prepare two 9" rounds or one 9" round and 12 cupcakes. Use extra mix wisely.  With birthdays extra desserts are always needed.

When preparing round cake, it is imperative you grease and flour the pan VERY well.  You need to be able to remove the cake from the pan in one piece, not in chunks.  (Anyone who has ever prepared a layer cake and skimped on the grease and flour step can relate).

Remove prepared cake from pan and cool on wire rack.  Once cool, replace cake in pan.

Prepare filling:

Place Oreo cookies in plastic bag and smash them to smithereens with strong kitchen utensil of choice.  I used an ice cream scoop.  Shocker.

Pour cookie crumbs into bowl and add chocolate syrup.  Mix with spoon until combined.

Spread filling over cake and place in freezer to chill, 30-60 minutes.
Leaving cake in freezer, remove ice cream and let sit for approximately 10 minutes to soften.  Once ice cream can be spread fairly easily, remove cake and gently add ice cream layer.
Place cake back in freezer for at least 60 minutes to set. 

Once cake is firm, remove from freezer.  Remove whipped topping from freezer as well and set aside.  Whipped topping will soften while you remove cake from pan.

Have a platter for your cake ready, and grab a sharp kitchen knife to loosen edges of cake from pan.  Turn cake upside down on platter and gently tap on underside of pan to remove.  Flip cake right side up.

With spatula, spread whipped topping evenly over cake.  Make certain to cover all sides.
Place cake in freezer, on plate, to set for a minimum of 60 minutes.  Once set, decorate as desired and keep in freezer covered with foil until ready to serve.


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