Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Mommyhood Morning

Oh nellie.  This morning has sucked all the energy right from my bones.

There was refusal, let me rephrase, adamant refusal, to try chocolate milk.

My ten year old somehow has bones of steel courtesy of ice cream and grilled cheese.  I guess I should be grateful considering he gave up all other milk products 8 years ago.

Unforunately I can't say much because my example is poor.  My calcium requirements are met by ice cream, the occasional yogurt and gummy vitamins.

While debating the importance of milk I made a gruesome discovery.  There was a sopping wet hand towel in the bathroom.  The miraculous part of this story is that nothing else in the bathroom was wet.

My assumption is this towel was in the toilet.  But I had no confirmation of this from any of my munchkins.

They all looked at me like they'd never seen the towel before in their lives.

And in between all these happenings we had warp speed speech rehearsal.  Heavens forbid we're prepared for something. 

My Gymnastics Queen is giving a two minute speech this morning on "How to do Gymnastics".

She paced the kitchen reading her notecards.  Then she frantically ran to the bus whining that I needed to drop off her medals for her to wear.

All of her medals.

She has 23 of them from this season.  Wearing them all she will resemble a tiny Mr. "T".

At forty seven pounds I'm worried she'll fall over. 

Now the house is quiet.  And as I watch the Moopa repeatedly try to put on her shoes, I hear storms brewing in the distance.

The universe always understands.

Wishing you a debacle free Wednesday.

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