Thursday, June 2, 2011


I felt this was a moment worth sharing.
There is a "big sister" patience in my Gymnastics Queen that far outweighs her "she ruined my room!" frustrations.

She is a true caretaker. 
And there is an "old soul" inside my Moopa that can only be found in younger siblings.

It's acquired when one is used to waiting.  And going with the flow of the day.  It happens when your brain is left to draw its own conclusions.

Moopa appreciates company.  But she can self entertain.

She also somehow understands that if she sits still, whatever is happening will happen faster.

She just "gets it".
And when these two wonderful creatures are at their best beautiful things can happen.

The universe is serene.  Quiet.  peaceful.

And I reminded once again how wonderful it is to have siblings.  They provide memories and moments that are shared, and they can never be taken away.  The kinship stays with you forever.

Family is truly priceless.  Enjoy yours today.


  1. I just posted about my two daughters at It's my favorite thing when my older one is taking care of the younger one. I'm following you but I couldn't get my google account to sign in. :(

  2. and ya can't beat barefeet in the grass...precious.

  3. Dear Jodie,
    Once again, you almost brought me to tears with your realistic and loving comments~! Your comments about siblings are so accurate~! You have a great relationship with your siblings, as I am sure your children have with each other~!
    I only have one older sister, and I haven't spoken to her in years~! She always took from me, but she never gave anything in return~! Her son, a published author/lawyer, resides in Hawaii~! He moved 7,000 miles away to escape his mother's wrath~!
    I know that you are an excellent wife, mother, and sister~! Others should attempt to emulate you, whenever possible~! Keep writing with the keen insight and love that you possess~!


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