Monday, July 11, 2011

All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Being a Waitress

If you are in the wrong, apologize.  If you hang in the kitchen, you will eat the food.  Keep your hands clean.  A smile goes a long way.  Treat people kindly and they will be kind.  Some people aren't kind no matter how kindly you treat them.  The older you get, the younger 21 looks. Grease stains are no walk in the park.  Looks can be deceiving.  Be patient with children, they would rather be at McDonalds.  Be patient with parents, if they took their kids to McDonalds they wouldn't have to leave a tip.  Don't assume you're drinking regular coffee.  Regardless of how slow your night is, there will always be a customer ten minutes before close.  Be nice to those customers, because they tip well.  Never be too ashamed to ask for help.  Everyone appreciates extra napkins.  No one is perfect.  An empty glass is a sad glass.  If you see a mess, clean it.  No one cares if you made the mess.  Clothes that are too tight are not flattering.  We all notice when your clothes are too tight.  Tuck your shirt in.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Deodorant is a grand invention.  Melted cheese is not easy to get off silverware.  Many hands make light work.  No one likes to be ignored.  If you don't like someone, ignore them.  Be on time.  A good attitude is the only kind worth having.  Senior citizens are great customers.  Work families are good to have.  They are just as dysfunctional as real families.  Be nice to the dishwasher.  If you don't know something, ASK.  It isn't easy to carry a hot plate.  Everybody is someone's somebody.  Don't get involved in the drama.  No use crying over spilled milk.  Everyone has their own baggage.  Chivalry is not dead.  Stress makes people say things they wouldn't normally say.  Don't take those things to heart.  Sometimes the least paid workers are the ones who work the hardest.  Order dessert.  Remember to say "Thank You".  It's the little things that make a big difference.  Happiness is infectious.

And of course, remember to tip your server.  Preferably well.  Because it is very much appreciated.


  1. Jodie,
    Once again, your blog hits home~! I worked in a restaurant in Mahwah for about three years~! The restaurant, called Pastels, was owned by a friend of mine, who promised to teach me the business~! I had never worked as hard before in my life~! Every "tip" that you mentioned is absolutely correct~!
    I enjoyed working there, because I serviced many Allendale residents~! Now, I was working for them twice a day~! (hahaha)
    Kudos to you, Jodie, for being able to maintain such a demanding job~!

  2. I was a waitress in high school. It was definitely hard work! Whenever someone complains about a waitress, I always asks "Have you ever been a server?". I think everyone should do a stint as a server. There is no better way to learn many life lessons in a short time! By the way, I have four (grown) children, too. They have all worked in restaurants as either servers or cooks :)

    Mama in Indiana


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