Friday, July 22, 2011

Learning to Swim: A Mommyhood Milestone

Today we had a "Mommyhood Milestone".

LLG has learned to swim.

I had posted a while back about how I make goals each year for all my munchkins.  We work on skills one year at a time.  Mommyhood pace is slow and steady.

It seems as though learning to swim is on the agenda for at least one munchkin every summer.  My Sports Fanatic learned when he was 7.  My little Gymnastics Queen has this skill on the agenda this summer.  She is 8. 

I love when my munchkins learn to swim.  I can sit beside a pool and watch instead of having a coronary every five minutes.

"Get away from the edge!"

"That's the deep end!"

"Watch that tube!  You can fall through the middle!"

Why am I even at a pool I'm losing years off my life!!!

For years the stress of sitting poolside canceled out the relaxation end of the deal.

LLG has answered my prayers ahead of schedule.  This boy has little fear.  98% of the time this "no fear" clause adds to my coronary issues.  But there are times his willingness to venture out into uncharted territory serves him well.

This morning was one of those times.  I asked him to try and swim without his coveted Scooby Doo life vest.

He happily obliged.

And with some instruction and positive reinforcement only a Mommy can sell,  he was off and swimming.

I'm sure this will cause some trouble when the Gymnastics Queen sees him giving her a run for her money in the pool.  But a little competition will get her butt swimming more independently.

And it will get my butt in a lawn chair. 

Thank goodness Moopa is quite content in her baby boat for now.  No coronaries yet.

Oh happy day.  There is a light at the end of the "please no I don't want to take my munchkins within 100 feet of water" tunnel.

And at the end of that tunnel is me, sunning myself reading a totally pointless fiction novel. 

Happy Friday!  I wish you all big accomplishments this weekend!

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