Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LLG Goes to Baseball Camp

This year I felt it was time for LLG to branch out and try a sports camp.  It's time he experienced life outside of his sister's kingdom.

With LLG, the Gymnastics Queen rules the roost.  And he has happily been her BFF for the past 5 years.

But the time has come for him to play with the big boys.

And next to LLG, some of these boys are B-I-G.

But he is a feisty little guy.  And he is learning how to hang with the boys and catch a few fly balls.

He is learning the art of dumping water over his head.  He is learning to appreciate Gatorade.

Most importantly he is learning to keep his head up, and to keep swingin'.

Because this year the coaches may be giving him 7 or 8 strikes instead of 3, but by next year he'll know how to hit the ball.

He will have learned what it takes to play baseball, and what it means to persevere.

But for this week, he will continue his LLG antics.

And he will continue to sleep very well at night.

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