Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moopa Turns Two

Two is a miraculous age.  When my munchkins hover around the age of two I see big changes.

I see them become miniature people.

Moopa now fancies footwear.  She prefers plastic heels.  She also likes any shoe that is several sizes too large that does not belong to her.

She actually likes almost anything that does not belong to her.

She loves Chips Ahoy.  These cookies are her preferred  "ride in the shopping cart" snack.

Her "Lovey" is still her constant companion.  She now likes to throw Lovey when articulating she doesn't require a nap.

She likes to eat pizza and drink juice, and she has decided she no longer will eat dry cereal.  I have no problem with this change in heart except that it makes on-the-go options tricky.

Which brings us back to Chips Ahoy.

I hope there are no nutritionists reading the blog today.

Watching her claim her independence is a rewarding and exhausting experience.  And thanks to my first three munchkins I've learned to laugh and enjoy the ride.

Time goes by in the blink of an eye.  And I'm grateful that I've learned to keep everything in perspective.

And perspective has taught me that plastic heels for errands is perfectly acceptable when you are two.  

As a matter of fact, plastic heels are a must.

And I hope no one ever tells her otherwise.

HaPpY MoNdAy!


  1. Dear Jodie,
    I often comment on your blogs, because I find them so honest and unique~! Your family members are "role models" for growing up and liking it~! Your philosophy is so refreshing, because of its sincerity~!
    Please continue to keep us informed, because I do have an adorable three year old grandson~! I can still relate, in spite of my immature 61 years on this earth~! Thank you, for letting parents know that things which are important to children should be rendered, as long as there is no danger involved~! Keep up the fabulous work, Jodie~! We surely appreciate all of your hard work and superb expertise~! <3

  2. Here's the thing… I really love reading your blog and I have a lot of catching up to do from past posts…but I keep saving them for when I can indulge, read uninterrupted, and comment … This never seems to go my way, but I'm throwing a blanketed I LOVE 'THIS' POST out there!! Happy Tuesday & Birthday to your little one!


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