Monday, July 25, 2011

Tale of a Yard Sale

This past weekend we had a yard sale.  There were quality items arranged beautifully all around the yard.
Unfortunately the weather at our yard sale hovered around 100 degrees.  Literally.  And when it wasn't 100 degrees it was raining.

This weather pattern was quite annoying. 

The play by play of our yard sale goes something like this:

7am:  Got butt out of bed and took control of set up.  I love to make people crazy.

7:15am:  My father and brother arrived with their collectibles and other big ticket items.  They arranged them beautifully.

During set up the sky looked grim.  We discussed our weather concerns.  We checked the radar because the brilliant weather people didn't forecast rain.

7:55am:  Set up complete. 

8am:  It started to rain.

We scampered to cover anything worth covering.  We waited out the rain inside.

9am:  Rain stopped.  We cleaned everything off and set back up.

10am-5pm:  We sat in our own sweat and took turns making small sales.  We swatted ants crawling all over our legs.

The girls ate WAY too many mint Oreos.

The men drank beer.

The heat was brutal.  And it certainly kept away anyone who appreciates air conditioning.

Which left us with a lot of leftover merchandise.  We left out some merchandise with the hopes it would get stolen.  But no one stole anything.

Which meant on Sunday I went back outside to man the yard sale.  Hubby went golfing.

8am:  Drove to end of street and hung new signs.

9am:  Set everything up.

9:05am:  Rain.  AGAIN.  I covered everything.

9:30am:  The sun came out.  I dried everything and set back up.

10am-12pm:  I sat outside and made some sales.

12:30pm:  The sky opened up and it poured rain.  AGAIN.

I decided I couldn't handle another minute of this yard sale.

1pm:  I quit.
I arrived home from work tonight and just about everything was gone.

Hallelujah.  I clean enough mess. 

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  1. It's so unfair how after waiting... selling... with high hopes. The ppl come out and take it all after you leave it out!!! Must of never had s yard sale, huh?! ;)


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