Monday, August 8, 2011

Camp Day!

Happy Monday.  Today begins a week of camp for the munchkins.

I love day camp.  My munchkins are playing with friends.  They are outside in the summer sun.  They will return home exhausted and ready to rest.

This camp is phenomenal because all three of my older munchkins attend together.  I drop them all off, and pick them all up.  No extra trips needed. 

Every other camp week this summer was met with carpool chaos and much mileage on the gas-guzzling beast.

This week will be much less complicated.   

This morning I thoroughly enjoyed my outing to Shop Rite.  I was able to think long enough to maximize my savings.  I used coupons.  They were valid.  They weren't expired.  I used them for the right items. 
I even matched them with items on sale.

The mighty mind has returned until Friday.  Hallelujah.

HaPpY MoNdAy!

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