Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curbside Picnic

One thing I can tell you about having a big family is that there is a lot of running around.  We have practices, playdates, homework and school activities.  We cherish quiet nights at home, and unfortunately they are few and far between.

While there is much running around for Hubby, myself and my older kids, for my little kids there is a lot of waiting around.

I stress the words a lot.

My two youngest wait at football practice, gymnastics practice and doctors appointments.  They have minimal if any playdates and they are dragged all over creation. 

They have had to adapt well and learn how to wait gracefully.  It's all about survival for them. 

Over the years I've always kept a blanket in my trunk.  It comes in handy when I want them to sit and play at fields.  It gives them a "home base;" some sort of perimeter.  Within this perimeter I empty the backpack full of markers, crayons, papers and figures I keep in my car.

My blanket rapidly fills with munchkins from all surrounding areas.  Then the mass of munchkins all happily play on the trunk blanket.  The kids stay entertained and I am happily left alone to spectate.

My trunk blanket is also phenomenal for impromptu picnics.

Tonight I set up our happy meals curbside and we enjoyed some fresh air instead of waiting inside at gymnastics practice.

We were freed from the tiny waiting room with windows.
It was a welcome break for me and the mini-munchkins.  The air was much needed, and I wasn't driving places just to spend money.

When the weather turns?  This blanket gets a good wash and becomes a safe haven from wind, chilly air and frozen fingers at football games.
Every parent needs a trunk blanket.  If you don't have one, get one.  You'll thank me later.


  1. Ah how cute are they! Happy meals do taste much better curbside!

  2. Even though my youngest is 7 and old enough to be on the fields himself, I still keep a trunk blanket. BONUS: Always having a blanket to wrap MYSELF up in when I settle in on the big silver bleachers for five hours on a Saturday morning and realize it is much, much colder than I thought it was.


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