Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Dog

When we bought our house a few years ago we promised the kids a dog.

We were uprooting them from the life they knew and moving them to new schools.  New bedrooms.  New friends.

And so we bought "the dog".

By nature I am an animal lover.  But I am also a clean house lover.  And this dog has wrecked more of my house than my four munchkins.

As a puppy she chewed and had accidents.  She is so lazy she still has accidents.  Who wants to go outside at midnight when you can walk two feet, poop and go back to bed?

Guess I can't blame her.

The upside to the dog is she is loves the kids.  She doesn't bark unless necessary.  She prefers a low growly noise when she wants something.  She lays around all day sleeping.

She really is quite boring when I think of it.

Well, boring until the sprinkler is in the yard.  When the sprinkler is in sight she goes dog wild.

She runs through and tries to "eat" the water.  She jumps, rolls and circles the area at warp speed.
This is very amusing to watch.  We have spent many afternoons with the giggles watching her dart in and out of the sprinkler zone.

And I have spent many afternoons cursing her when she runs through the water from the hose as I am watering my plants.

My plants usually don't survive the trampling.

But I love her.  She is an amusing, sprinkler loving dog.

And she's ours.

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