Monday, August 15, 2011

A Foxwoods Birthday

If you know me well, you know I am not a drinker.  I don't care for wine, I'd rather pop a can of Diet Coke than drink a beer.

My mother is much the same.  The apple certainly has not fallen far from the tree.

Along with beverage preferences and an inability to see at night, my mother and I also share a deep and sincere love for the roulette table. 

This love is real.

For us any special occasion is hopefully met with a trip to Foxwoods.  There is not always funds for the trip, but with adequate planning we manage to squander away some spending cash.

My mom and I then park ourselves at the roulette wheel and sit for hours.  If need be we take a break and hit up the Wheel of Fortune slot machines.

Hubby and my dad sit at the bar and disappear to play blackjack.

There is little that can match our trips to Foxwoods.  Win or lose, we go to have a good time.

And this past weekend, for my mom's birthday, there was only one place to go. 
And so we went.

A few of my siblings and other family met us there.  It was an up late at night, eat greasy food, gamble together, share rooms hootenanny.

Our past irresponsible gambling trips have enabled us to stay and gorge ourselves for free, and what we don't have for free we pay for with "Dream Points".

"Dream Points" are what you earn for sitting for hours on end playing roulette.  Or blackjack.  Or slot machines.

And so we bring what we would normally pay for a weekend away and we use it to gamble.  And if we lose we had a great time and plenty of laughs.

And if we win we have an even better time, and we come home with a stash for next time.

This Mama had a fabulous weekend.  I was no winner, but I was happy to be with the family.  And happy to be dropping chips on 14 red.  And 17 black.  And everything else in the 2nd twelve.

Because the 2nd twelve is where the magic happens.  

And now I want to wish my mother another Happy Birthday.  And an even happier year ahead.

Because she certainly deserves it.

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  1. You forgot how hot "33" and "00" were too - at least while we were there!!


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