Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Healthy Turkey Chili

Fall weather is creeping up on us.  I can feel it.

The air is brisk when I wake up and the nights are chilly when the sun goes in. 

This summer has been full and much has transpired.  And I'm ready for jeans.  I'm ready for sweatshirts.

For apples.

For football.

Football brings a distinct warmth to my heart.  It brings my familiy together.  And where there is football and family there is tacos.

And nachos.

And chili.

All this fall air I've been smelling made me hungry for chili.

Naturally I made some.  I shared a container with my dad and I have leftovers for the week.

I'm totally stoked.

Turkey Chili
makes approximately 8 cups

1 lb ground turkey, cooked
2 38oz cans stewed tomatoes (I used Del Monte Stewed Original Recipe)
1 medium onion, chopped
1/8 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon red pepper flakes2 tablespoons garlic
2 tablespoons chili powder (more if you like brow sweat)
1 tablespoon cumin
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 cup chicken stock

Optional: 2 cans (15oz) kidney bean, 1 cup chopped green pepper

With spoon remove stewed tomatoes from cans.  Finely chop/crush.  Set aside and save juice from cans to add to chili.

Brown turkey meat over medium heat.  While browning, cook chopped onion and oil over medium high heat in heavy saucepan until golden (about 5 minutes).

Add garlic, chili powder, cumin and red pepper flakes.  Stir and cook 1-2 minutes. 

Add tomato paste, chicken stock, and stewed tomatoes and juice from stewed tomato cans.  Add kidney beans (optional).

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Simmer over low heat 1 hour.  Add 2-3 teaspoons sugar if needed to cut acidity of tomatoes.

I serve mine with a 1/4 cup shredded cheese to add some excitement and cut the nutritional value.  In my world chili is better with cheese. 

That's how I roll.

Mommyhood Footnote:  I'm adding in the nutritional information for your viewing pleasure.

Nutrional Information:
serving size: 1 cup
calories: 171
fat: 7.5 grams
protein: 13 grams

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