Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a Little More Chaos

This week was fabulous.  My munchkins were at camp for a few hours each day.  This enabled much time to waste money on trips to Target and still accomplish tasks at home.

Unfortunately some tasks were not so pleasant.

On Tuesday I decided to make Moopa's appointment for her EEG.  Yes, my baby needed an EEG.

Moopa keeps us on our toes with her medical quirks.  We have a phenomenal relationship with her Pediatric Ophthalmologist.  Over the course of the last year we have been to her office numerous times.

We have been so many times that I now actually drive there myself.

Just this past May she corrected Moopa's Strabismus. 

As of late Moopa now sees a Pediatric Neurologist.  There is no reason for alarm.  We just need to put together another puzzle for my Moopa.

An so on Wednesday morning I arose at 5:30am to bring Moopa for an EEG.  I showered, made myself decent and threw snacks into my giant "mommy purse".

Moopa wore her bedhead and Minnie pajamas.

This test was quite frightening for her, although she has learned to be an excellent patient.  And so after an hour in the hospital and a new bedhead do' full of sticky paste we were on our way.

Until I decided to get as much of the testing I needed for our neurologist out of the way.  With 75% of the munchkins at camp until 1pm I had a beautiful window to accomplish testing.

And so we did.

Three long LabQuest hours later we were on our way home.  I had planned on stopping at Toys R Us and buying Moopa anything she wanted because she was such a good little trooper.  But within minutes she was sound asleep.

I couldn't wake her. 

I then decided I should stop at the Starbucks Drive-Thru and buy myself anything I wanted because I was such a good trooper.

And so I did.
It was 16 ounces of pure Mocha Coconut calorie heaven.


Mommyhood Footnote:  The Moopa is absolutely wonderful.  No need to fret.  I feel it is impossible to be an authentic blogger if I pick and choose which chaos to share.

And so I share almost everything.


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  1. Hi there! I one of your new followers! I like that you stayed calm... anytime my son has anything medical going on I am a ball of nerves! I also love the mocha coconut thing but I have never had a 16 ounce ;)


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