Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Rambling

Today has been a smorgasbord of activities.  LLG has decided to play football.  We are three practices behind so first order of business was a few emails to coaches.

And next order of business was to beg our pediatrician to squeeze him in for a physical. 

Check and check.

Then, around 9:30am we loaded into the car and drove to the mall.  On the way I laid the law for mall behavior and clearly articulated the agenda.

I feel a solid "what is expected" discussion helps with behavior in public places.  It also calms me as I near any public place with my four munchkins.

We arrived at the mall and cruised through sporting goods.  We tried on and chose cleats, grabbed a "weinee cup" and some football socks. 

I went to check out and I was $79.00.  I had a coupon for $20 off $100 or more.  You can bet your button I dragged all the munchkins BACK to sporting goods for a $19.99 Under Armour tank.

I was now feeling a wee bit of perspiration as I pushed the stroller back to the register. 

But Mommy Code is to never turn down a good coupon.

Now that we were fully armed with football essentials, we went to Claire's so the Gymnastics Queen could spend some of her money.

While looking over puppy dog earrings and sparkle bags my phone rang.  Hubby rear ended the car in front of him.  His car was a hot mess.

This didn't surprise me because I had just decided we needed to buy new kitchen counters.  I was eyeing up granite.

I am now juggling sparkle accessories, Geico, football needs, and the munchkins are getting hungry.  I am also grieving the loss of my granite counters.

Oh, and Moopa is double fisting Claire's merchandise from the stroller.  Which I now must put back as the store manager gives me the stink eye.

After a few "we're not hanging in Claire's all day" warnings the Gymnastics Queen makes her selections.  We then hit Build-a-Bear for LLG to buy an Angry Bird (don't ask).

Before exiting the mall we purchased a cup of pretzel pieces from the Pretzel Maker.  I had promised the Gymnastics Queen pretzels when we arrived at the mall.   And I know how important soft pretzels are when you can smell them baking nearby.

On the way home we grabbed lunch from the Drive-Thru, my Sports Fanatic texted his dad for me regarding the car accident, and we pulled in the driveway at 12:30pm. 

The munchkins have eaten, Moopa is napping, LLG is wearing his cleats and "weinee cup", and bless my father because he is coming here so I can take LLG to his physcial in peace.

And tonight, we are off to football with two boys.  It's gonna be an "extra cookie dough and whipped cream on the ice cream" night.

Wishing all of you a MUCH less eventful Thursday!


  1. Dear Jodie,
    Excitement begins to build, and joy ensues each time I am fortunate enough to read your blogs~! The love you have for your husband and children is so precious~! Your honesty in sharing your fortunes and mishaps is priceless~! So many people are blinded by their inability to share family stories publicly~! I, like you, have always felt that we learn about parenting from others~!
    Please continue to inform people, so that they may emulate your actions, and raise normal and happy children~!
    Ed <3

  2. LOVE your blog. You crack me up! Sorry about your hubby's fender bender, though. And the loss of your granite counters.


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