Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Small Town Football

Every August we begin another season of small town football.

The players practice five nights a week until school rolls around in September.  And for Mommyhood this means life becomes about football.

Because for us, football is life.

I come from a long line of football fanatics.  I grew up on the football fields in New Jersey.  All of my four brothers played, my dad coached and my mom ran the snack bar. 

I cheered and stared at boys.
Years later my summer nights are once again at the football fields.  Hubby coaches and I pack water coolers with drinks and cold towels. 
We arrange travel and playdates around games and practice.

We sit at the fields in the hot August sun right into the chilly November nights.

And right up until school starts our fields are the place to be.  Because if you aren't playing or cheering you are a sibling of someone who is playing or cheering.

This makes for plenty of "field friends" for my munchkins.  Which makes spectating much easier for me.
And while the beginning of football brings a hectic schedule, it also brings back faces we haven't seen since last season.

It brings back fields lined with lawn chairs and endless trips to the snack bar.
It brings back the sounds of yelling coaches, whistles and colliding shoulder pads.

It brings back late nights and the smell of early Saturday mornings**.

It brings back sweat, tears and hard work.

And for the players it brings back a camaraderie only football can give them.  

Football season is here for this small town.  And while our summer days are officially limited, they will be spent wisely.

Because our summer nights are taken for the remainder of the month.

But make no mistake, this chick is ready for some football.
Happy Wednesday!

** Anyone who has ever played a fall sport knows what an early Saturday morning smells like.  It's a mix of crisp, dewy air and fresh cut grass...and toss in a pinch of stale gym bag...sounds strange but it is quite heavenly**

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