Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Activity: Weed Bouquet

Queen Anne's Lace has long reminded me of summer. 

It lines the country roads by my house and peppers the fields where my munchkins play football.  And unlike dandelions (my garden arch enemy), I don't mind this delicate weed.

I regard this weed the same way I regard lightening bugs.  They're an annual reminder of warm sunny days and late mild nights. 

When I was a kid my mother told me that if you pick Queen Anne's Lace, and place them in water with food coloring, they will turn color. 

And over the years I have tried it enough to know that it works wonderfully.

Yesterday afternoon, after a long morning of camp, I took the munchkins out to pluck some weeds from the roadside.
I love the activity because it gets them out in nature and it gets them thinking.  It also produces quick results.

Much to munchkin delight, within 12 hours we had a nice bouquet of colorful weeds.
And much to my delight I was able to once again have a clear windowsill.

Nothing beats easy summer fun that doesn't require any long term cluttering of the kitchen.

Happy "Weeding"!

Mommyhood Footnote:  

Some tips:

Pick large, healthy Queen Annes Lace.   Add a significant amount of food coloring, this gives the weed a darker hue.

Watch for allergies.  It may be best to keep this experiment outside.  Sneezing and itchy eyes take the fun out of just about anything.

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