Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make Your Own Magnets

I have a habit of seeing something and buying it because it may someday be useful.  I did this a few months back at Michael's with a pack of circle magnets.

Plain, 1/2" circle diameter magnets.  I knew that when the right mood and appropriate patience level struck me I would use them with my munchkins.

And I did.

The other night I found the magnets and some ribbon we had from the $1 Spot at Target.  I decided to make my magnets using clothespins, because I prefer hanging papers with a "clip type" magnet.

Don't ask me why.  I just do.

I then sat and made magnets with my Gymnastics Queen.  The ribbon was the exact width of the clothespins.

And so we cut, glued and used sparkly glitter til' our hearts were content.

We traced little circles, cut them out and decorated them to cover the top of the magnets.  Next step was to attach the ribbon lined clothespins.

And the end result was a glittery kitchen and a few nifty new magnets for the fridge.
For these magnets, I don't give detailed design instructions or a list of supplies.  I made these with what I had in my house.

With crafting, my feeling is "to each their own".

All you need is a pack of magnets, and whatever you have lying around.

Mommyhood  Footnote:  For back to school fun make these magnets and personalize each magnet with initials, nicknames, or names for each munchkin.  This creates a lovely home for treasured pictures and necessary papers that come home in their backpacks.

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