Saturday, August 27, 2011

Survival Race

Today Hubby and my brother participated in the Survival Race.  They ran three miles, completing obstacles along the way.

They ran through fire, crawled under wires and climbed rope.  They jogged through high grass and waded through mucky lakes.
It was quite an experience. 

Naturally, because they are anything but your average males, they dressed for the occasion.  They created a "lumberjack uniform".   

They also ran the race together.  They never separated.

You'd have to know them personally to understand.  There is a brotherly bond that has grown from eleven years of being related.
For them, the event was a real hootenanny.  And they will be back again next year for more.
They love to punish themselves.
I am now signing off for what may be several days, depending on what Hurricane Irene does to our power.  If you are also in her path, stay safe!
Mommyhood Footnote:  Look at those outfits.  Heaven help me.

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