Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tale of a Boogie Board

I grew up with a very close knit group of friends.  Our parents were friends, and we did just about everything together.

One of my closest friends (which still holds true) took me to the beach every summer.  Her parents had a small beach house.  It was on the bay and it was extremely quaint.

It was with her small family that I experienced the Jersey Shore.  And I'm not talkin' Snooki Jersey Shore.

We rode bikes to town for candy, walked to the beach, and stopped for ice cream.  At night we cooked burgers and played board games.

It was the perfect, laid back summer vacation.

With them I learned to boogie board and float in the ocean.  I gained a real appreciation for the beach and how important it is to have a cooler and an umbrella.

I also learned the art of making an umbrella stay in the sand.  They tend to fly off and whack someone when not installed properly. 

This summer I had many flashbacks to my summers at the shore when my Gymnastics Queen learned to boogie board.

And she is a natural.
Watching her brought me such happiness.  It made me feel as though she was having an experience she will remember, just like I remember my summers at the beach.
And anyone who has munchkins know they keep you young.  I know mine do.  

While watching her I had the desire to hit the ocean like I used to, instead of doing my standard sit by the edge and spectate.

And so I did.
And it was awesome.  It was just as fun as it was when I was ten.

Wishing you wonderful experiences this weekend!  Get out there and enjoy yourselves!

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  1. i love boogie boarding;
    and i love this post;
    its so true.


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