Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Picking

This past weekend we hit up the apple orchards.  The weather was phenomenally fall like and we had an open morning to get out and enjoy ourselves.

We wasted no time.

At the orchard we fueled up with fresh cider donuts and skipped the hayride.  We prefer to walk because we prefer to fuel up with cider donuts.

Life is all about balance.

The munchkins scampered among the apple trees in search of perfect apples.  I strolled behind them and snapped pictures.  I also practiced my veto powers over all apples they brought back to the apple bag.

LLG tried to sell me on his "smiling apple".  While I agreed it was thrilling, it didn't make the cut.  That apple could smile at me all day and it wasn't coming home in my apple bag.
Before we headed home the munchkins roamed the country store and we visited with the farm animals.  Farm animals never disappoint.

One of the sheep was old.  He walked slow.  And he had an itch.
And so he scratched it.  A few times.

I must say my mother and myself found him rather amusing.  We find much humor in the little things.

I am now embarking on another week with a house fully stocked with apples.  I have already made applesauce and apple oatmeal.

And sent apples in lunch sacks.

At this rate I'll need to go apple picking again by Saturday.

Have a fabulous Monday everyone.

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