Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Baking Tip From an Unprofessional Baker

Earlier this week I posted about sugar cookies.  And cookie cake.  I also posted about football and how to grab shoes if you can't make a tackle.

Only the sugar cookies are relevant to this post.  I was just providing a quick "post recap" for any readers who aren't up to speed.

My friends, family and beautiful blog readers (B.B.R.) know I love to bake.  I have a deep and sincere love for simple sugars.

I take my simple sugars seriously.

A quick tip for perfectly shaped sugar cookies is to re-cut the cookie right out of the oven with the cookie cutter to create crisp edges.

Even the best sugar cookie dough will produce cookies with a "soft" edge.  When I want my cookies to be uniform (such as the 40 football cookies I made this last Saturday), I re-cut the cookie right out of the oven.
Trimming up your cookies makes for very clean, neat, uniform sugar cookies.
It also produces lovely cookie scraps for snacking.
I gave these bowls to my munchkins who were all pleading for chunks of raw dough and salivating over the cookies fresh from the oven.

I have mastered the art of appeasing munchkins while not really giving into their demands.  It's a tricky but necessary trade only years of "mommying" can teach.

Happy Munchkins = Happy Mommy.

For a no fail Sugar Cookie recipe,and more great tips for delish sugar cookies, read Perfect Sugar Cookies!

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