Friday, September 23, 2011

An Elementary School Grammar Lesson

We are finally getting into the "back to school" swing of things around here.  We've had a few forgotten folders and had some lunch issues but we keep trucking along.

As my munchkins get older school gets more intense.  When I help them with homework I must admit I need a review in some areas myself.

I need a review in MOST areas myself.

One area (er, math) I pass right along to Hubby.  I gave up math at the third grade level.  I have only retained what was necessary.

The rest a calculator takes care of beautifully.

This week my Sports Fanatic had his second grammar test.  My schooling (and love for Language Arts) came flooding back to me as we studied his grammar.  The wheels, though squeaky and covered in rust, began turning.

And I am now happily brushed up on subjects and predicates.  I am still a school nerd a heart.  

To share:

A complete sentence has a subject and a predicate.

The subject is what or whom the sentence is about.

The predicate tells something about the subject.

My munchkins are happily sleeping.

Subject: my munchkins  Predicate: are happily sleeping

I would love to continue and dive into simple subjects and simple predicates, but I don't want to hurt myself.

Baby steps.  Always baby steps.

Happy Friday!

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