Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy People Make Me Happy

This weekend was quite full and quite crazy.  A full weekend with four munchkins usually equates to a crazy weekend.

They are one in the same.

One reason this weekend was more chaotic than usual is that I worked an extra shift.  I was running drinks and steaks Friday and Saturday night.

While I am an optimist at heart, the food service industry has opened my eyes to some real cranky pants.  There are nights they come out in droves.

And Friday evening, my tables weren't "happy".  The cranky pants population was out and about in my neighborhood.

My customers weren't awful, they just "were".  And their "blahness" (excuse my word creation) ruined my mojo.

Tonight I discovered how much I truly appreciate happy people.  I had customers who were patient, and they weren't looking to complain.  They were easy to talk to and they wore smiles instead of frowns.

Servers love smiling faces.  No one wants to approach a table of sour pusses and take a drink order. 

Well maybe someone does but that someone certainly isn't me. 

Happy people make me happy.  And I'm thankful for them because happiness truly is contagious.  

Wishing you much happiness, and many happy encounters this week!

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