Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Package Baked Goods

This weekend I have to bring baked goods to a few places.  We have a tailgate, a bake sale and an afternoon of football watching.

Since I am passionate about bringing desserts to every event I attend, I prefer to package them easily.  And it's easier to package in something I don't need back.

No need to chase my plates and containers all over town.

While many mommies are aware of this packaging trick, many are not.  And everyone had to see it somewhere.

I first saw it from one of oldest and bestest friends, Becca.  I owe her much of my early baking experiences.   I also owe her my current packaging method for my desserts.

I trust all my best baking to the good ole' shirt box.

Cupcakes and cookies fit snugly inside and no icing gets "smooshed" and destroyed.  The lid keeps the baked goods safe and you don't need to wait around for anyone to return your plate.

If you're really feeling fancy you can decorate the box to jazz it up and make it more presentable.

Or you can just grab it, line it with wax paper, and place baked treats inside and run like I do.

Whatever tickles your sweet tooth.

Happy Weekend!

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