Saturday, September 10, 2011

My 11th Anniversary

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.  I would say my wedding seems like yesterday, but I would be lying if I did.

I can't remember my life before Hubby, and I say that because so much of my life began with him.  The life I lived before him is a distant memory.  I don't even think I'm still the same person.

Pieces of me remain, but I'm so much better today than I was when I met him.  I think so anyway.

I wear more pajamas but I'm much less selfish.  I have less tolerance for idiocy but more patience for munchkins.  I have less time but more compassion.

I've evolved because of the family we've built.

While our marriage is in no way perfect, it's perfect for me.  We bicker, we disagree.  But we manage to manage all the munchkins and the house is still standing.

There are days I want to scratch his eyes out.  And I know the feeling is mutual.  But the dust settles and all is right by morning.

There is one week every month I'm near impossible to be around and there are afternoons he needs to be left alone.

And we are more than happy to hide from each other when necessary.

But we have many laughs.  And amazing memories.  We have a mutual love for a casual lifestyle and we both have just enough weird.

And he knows how I like my ice cream.

Yesterday I decided to be cute and crafty and make a bag for my anniversary gift.  Due to my occasional struggle with spatial relations the end result was not what I had in mind.
But I ran with it.  I had no desire to start over.  It required effort; it was different.  And most of it was just right.

It worked.

Just like me and Hubby.


  1. Jodie,
    Once again, your honesty prevails~! I admire your candor, and I also feel that adjustments must be made in each marriage, in order to make it work~! My wife and I have been married for thirty-seven years, and while changes weren't necessary during the first 37 minutes of marital bliss, we both agreed afterwards that changes had to be made~!
    I am a completely different person since Michele and the two boys entered my life~! I was a nut about tidy rooms and perfect grooming~! Boy, I learned quickly that life is too short to let those silly things control my every move~! I now dress much more casually, and the house does not have to be perfectly straightened 24/7~!
    I love the more simple things in life and I treasure friendships over wealth~! Thank you for writing so candidly, Jodie~! I so look forward to reading all of your extremely honest and well written posts~! <3

  2. Happy anniversary!!!! We just celebrated our fourth. Honesty is the best policy!! And I think l marriages with kids are like that.


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