Friday, September 16, 2011

My Middle Munchkins

Yesterday I had an epiphany.

It involved my middle munchkins. 
Bless their hearts.

My epiphany began with my Moopa, bless her heart as well.  Moops now has hours of uninterrupted "mommy time".  Amazing how quiet and manageable the house becomes once 75% of my munchkins are at school all day.

There is little rushing.  We walk at Moopa's pace.  We spend mornings at home and take our time in the store.

I even brush and style her hair.

This is a luxury my middle munchkins rarely experienced.  Their reality was preschool pick-ups, carseats and propped bottles.

My Sports Fanatic also had hours of uninterrupted "mommy time".  His reality was a tad different than Moopa's, but just as lovely.

We picked him up when he cried.  He never had a wet tushie.  His clothes were (and still are) always new and he never needed new shoes.

His snacks were homemade and he went to playgroups.

These are more luxuries that are quite foreign to my middle munchkins.  Playgroups were rendered unnecessary when they were toddlers because there were munchkins to play with at home.

Hand-me-downs are always ready and waiting in the attic and snacks are whatever I toss into my purse.

My middle munchkins share a strong bond. They share a similar "middle child" existence.

This existence has made them adaptable.  And laid back.  They are more outgoing than my oldest and they are extremely quirky.

They have mastered the art of waiting their turn and they play independently.

Sometimes they need more of my time, and it forces me to slow down.  They need an extra few minutes before bed or a pep talk before practice. 

There are times their behavior commands me to be a little more patient. 

And they deserve it.

Because Lord knows they have been patient with me.

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  1. Bless their hearts!! I am the oldest.... And my bro (the middle) is exactly how you explained yours. Now I won't have the 'middle' child, but I do feel bad about the hand-me-downs that my youngest gets. ;)


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