Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nots Anymore Dots

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This will be brief. 

Yesterday I was enjoying a snack pack of Dots candies.  I had eaten the two reds and decided I would finish off the pack even though the remaining two were orange.

No need to waste good Dots.

With one orange Dot to go, I noticed the one I was currently eating was crunchy.  I immediately spit it out into the trash.  My mommybrain assumed it was a defective Dot.  A lump of sugar in an otherwise heavenly gummy treat.

Approximately ten minutes later it dawned on me that 50% of one of my molars was missing.

I immediately dug through my trash and located the other 50% of my tooth.  I examined it.  How dare that orange Dot destroy such a perfectly good, immense white filling? 

A red Dot would have never pulled such a stunt.
My experience is a first hand example for my munchkins.  I've offered up my teeth to teach them a valuable lesson about gummy candies.  The warnings are no lie.  Teeth are best preserved through thorough brushing and avoiding sugary snacks.  The latter has never been my strong suit.
Good thing I adore my dentist.  I'll be visiting him first thing this morning.

I will nots be eating anymore Dots.

For now anyway.


  1. Oh Jodie! No good. Are you going to, er, contact The Dots Company???

    So glad you love your dentist. xx

  2. Hi Jodie,
    I laughed so hard at this posting,but not because of your loss~! I ate Dots the night before, and lost two fillings~! I have now lost 5 fillings in the past three months~!
    I love your posts~! They are "real life" experiences which are so typical of the real world we face on a daily basis~!
    Ed <3


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