Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, I was just married a year.  That morning I was watching my four month old son play in his exersaucer.

I'm pretty sure we were watching cartoons.  Hubby had gone to work an hour earlier. 

It was just another day.

The world was quiet. 

What I remember next is watching the news coverage of the attacks.  I remember sitting and watching, confused and horrified.

I remember watching people running frantically and the plane hitting the second tower. 

I remember Hubby coming home.  And we watched together as they fell.

It was a moment that will forever be ingrained in my memory.  And I will never forget watching my baby son, all smiles and laughs as he played. 

He was completely unaware that his world just changed forever.

Today I send thoughts and prayers to everyone who lost someone on 9/11. 

We will always remember.


  1. Our heroes and their families shall forever be in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts~! Thank you for your heroic actions, which helped maintain our democracy and freedom~! We shall prevail, but only, due to your bravery and uselfish heroism~!

  2. My kids were 3 and 10 months and I remember how odd it was that they were laughing and playing and carrying on (oblivious to what had happened) and I somehow had to play along with them while keeping an eye on the news and the chaos and horror that was happening. It was hard to act normal but I had to for them.


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