Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Waitress Diaries

This post will be brief.  I have had a crazy busy few days and my eyes are rather tired.

I'm also waffling on whether or not to dive into a bowl of ice cream in a few minutes.  As well as whether or not to set the alarm to run in the morning.

Life's burning questions are constantly plaguing me.

Tonight was my regular night to work.  I am very grateful for the job I have because its social.  And the money is better than any job I ever had in retail.

I would also much rather push dessert than store credit cards.  And I would rather clear empty glasses than refold the same shirt a hundred times in an hour.

Retail is no walk in the park.  It's predictable though.  The hours are set and the pay is always the same.  The dressing rooms are always a pigsty and the customers love to dig through a freshly folded pile. 

Working in a restaurant, there is much uncertainty before every shift.  I can never be certain how busy I will be or who will be "on" (waitress speak for working).  I don't know what station I'll have or how late I'll be serving.

Customers have a knack for arriving five minutes before the kitchen closes.

But I can be certain of one thing every night I leave for work.

I will always return home with hair that reeks of hamburger.

This never fails.

And the cleaner your hair when you go to work the more it will smell when you get home.

My life lesson for today is that clean hair absorbs kitchen stink. 

Use this information wisely.  And have a very happy Thursday!

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  1. It also never fails that if it is raining you will be busy. For some reason people always go out when it's raining!


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