Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Wednesday List

1.  Today it's raining.  The house is quiet and I just finished one of my quickest, easiest sweet and salty desserts to post tomorrow.

2.  I would post them today but the chocolate has to set before I take pictures.

3.  I still need to grab a shower and make myself human looking.  I have to run to Target to buy model magic for a project and some pencil grippy things for my left handed Gymnastics Queen.

4.  She is sporting that unsightly bump on her middle finger where she presses her pencil.

Ah the memories.

5.  While at Target you can bet your button I will be indulging in a Mocha Light Frappucino.  Maybe Venti.  I haven't decided.

6.  I have spent $20 in the past week on Mocha Light Frappucinos.

7.  Today I'm getting a manicure/pedicure from a lady named Hoa. 

8.  Hoa works from home and apparently does everyone's nails in town.  Every time I admire a friend's manicure they say they went to Hoa.  When I tell them I've never been to Hoa, their eyes get really wide and they gasp as if I've missed a major life experience.

I refuse to be a "Hoa Virgin" any longer.

9.  I have made a light attempt to potty train Moopa this week.  Light meaning no diaper from 8am-10am.  We have had a pee in the jammies every morning and one poop on the rug.

I am pushing back the potty training until its below freezing outside and I have no desire to go anywhere.

10.  On that note, I'm ending this list on ten and grabbing my shower.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Mommyhood Footnote:  Hoa was everything I dreamed she would be and more.  My nails and all my waxing needs have found a home.

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