Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When All Else Fails, Grab a Shoe

In junior football, the coaches spend weeks teaching technique.  Practices start the first week in August and the boys practice five nights a week until the first day of school.

I always tell my Sports Fanatic not everyone has it in them to play football.  You have to really love it.  Football is exhausting and time consuming.  You have to wear full gear in August heat and wipe icicles from your nose in early November.

It ain't no joke.

When the teams practice defense, there is much talk about who can "hit".  Not everyone hits hard.  A good tackle is low.  It's strong.  You wrap them and take them down.

But the perfect tackle isn't always there.  And we have long told my son never to give up.  If the ball is in sight, grab anything to take him down.  Grab at his jersey, wrap his ankles, go for the shoe.

Don't ever give up because you can't wrap him.

This past Sunday, my son did exactly what we told him all these years.  The guy with the ball was just out of reach, he couldn't quite catch him.
My Sports Fanatic then dove and grabbed anything he could.  What he got was a shoe. 

It wasn't the most graceful tackle I'd ever seen.  It wasn't even really a tackle at all.  But he got the boy down.

I would say life is much the same.  You don't have to look good as long as you get the job done.  Make no excuses when there is a task at hand.

Try your hardest, and when all else fails, grab a shoe.

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  1. One of my closest friends has a son who plays football. He has ALWAYS been the biggest kid (he was 11 lbs 8 oz at birth and hasn't slowed down - his dad is 6'8") and has therefor always been told not to hurt the other kids - to be gentle. AND THEN he went out for football and couldn't quite wrap his then-8-year-old brain around the idea that it was OK to be rough. His dad put him in his pads and then "roughed him up" to show it wouldn't REALLY hurt. He's now a top dog on the team! Go for the shoe!


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