Saturday, October 22, 2011

A 32nd Birthday

Today I am 32. 

Birthdays, for me, are much like any other day.  The munchkins need breakfast.  Everyone still needs clean underwear and dirty floors still drive me insane.

But this morning my munchkins showered me with birthday love.  My boys each gave me earrings they chose at the store.  My girls gave me slipper socks because my feet resemble icicles on any given evening.  Hubby presented me with my favorite candy store chocolates and lotto tickets. 

The sun is shining outside my windows and the air is crisp.  There is a cold Red Bull waiting for me in the fridge.  This morning I will watch my daughter at gymnastics and this afternoon feasting on cake and chocolate.

And tonight I will be freezing on the sidelines as my son quarterbacks in his football game.

Life doesn't get much better than that.  Happy Birthday to me.


  1. You are a fabulous wife, mother, and friend~! May your special day find you surrounded by loving family, close friends, and pleasant surprises~! As I read your blogs, I am reminded of the fact that you have matured in such a superb way~! Others should emulate your values and success at mothering~! Have a fabulous birthday, Jodie, and look forward to many more happy celebrations~! You deserve the best that life has to offer~! <3

  2. Happy birthday to you!!!!!! Enjoy your day!!

  3. Happy birthday to you!!!!!
    You have a fabulous family. Enjoy the next year!!!!

  4. Awwww yay, Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!!!


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