Friday, October 14, 2011

A 6th Birthday

Today "Little Lunatic Guy" turns six.

LLG is a different bird.  He truly is.  He inherited all the "weird" our gene pool had to offer. 

He is inquisitive and he speaks his mind.  This isn't always a good thing.

I have found myself red faced with embarrassment more than once with his public "honesty".

Not only is LLG honest, he extremely animated.

He loves to play and has a clever imagination.  The world is his playground.  He incorporates all surrounding objects in his imaginary world.  He utilizes rocks, drawers, pillows, shoes, underwear, socks, hats and anything else within reach.
He is incredibly patient because he has to be.  He has an older sister who makes the rules and a younger sister who takes his things.  His older brother has long been involved in sports.  LLG has learned to wait at fields, in cars, at gymnastics studios and football games.

And true to LLG style he is an animated "waiter".

This year was a big year for my little guy.  He now rides a two wheeler, goes to school all day and he learned to swim.
He is beginning to grow up and gain his independence.

LLG constantly amazes me with his quirky "one liners" and his personal style.  He enjoys wearing "handsome clothes" and has long been a fan of head wear.

In preschool:
My "Little Lunatic Guy" is now embarking on another chapter in his always interesting, never routine existence.  And I wish my baby boy all the happiness this world has to offer and many adventures in his year ahead.

He has brought us adventure since the day he was born in the front seat of our car.  And I am eternally thankful for every thing he is and I can't wait to see who he will become.

Because I can bet the house it will be anything but ordinary.
Thank heavens for that.  This world has enough ordinary.

Happy 6th Birthday to my "Little Lunatic"!

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