Monday, October 3, 2011

Competition Season for the Gymnastics Queen

Competition season for my little gymnast is upon us.  I am sitting here with a brain ache because I have been trying to make sense of the upcoming schedule.

We have competitions every month until May.  Some are sectional qualifiers, some are state qualifiers, some are just meant to suck money away and some just contribute to more brain ache.

The poor coaches must have such pity on me because every time a meet sign up is emailed I email them back.

"Does this apply to us?"

"Would you recommend this meet for us?"

"Will any of this ever make sense to me?"

"Have I driven you crazy enough or can you stand more?"

Today I am destined to sit and unscramble a slew of gymnastics emails and write out several checks.  I will then comb my calendar for nights I can beg for more shifts at work.

But I can guarantee you that next month, as I watch my daughter compete for the first time as a Level 4 gymnast, it will all be worth it.  Her enthusiasm and smile will make all of this make sense.
Until then I will serve sizzlin' steaks and lick my wounds with ice cream.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I was doing the same thing, when is the check due for which meet, etc. As you have football to contend with as well, I have Girl Scout events in which I have now double booked with Gymnastics. We will get it under control soon I am sure!


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