Monday, October 10, 2011

A "Dryer House Fire"

This past weekend was interesting.  I saw Teresa Giudice.  My Gymnastics Queen landed her back hand-spring. 

My mom and dad's dryer caught on fire.

The last event was a rather surreal, "I can't believe this is happening" moment.  When you are standing outside your parents' house, watching the smoke escape through the windows, it truly stuns you. 

This past Saturday was a well planned, busy day.  That morning we were busy with football and gymnastics practice.  Afterward I was meeting Hubby at my mom and dad's to go to a festival.  The sun was shining and it was warm and pleasant.

A perfect fall day. 

When I pulled up my parents' drive about noon, my mother had my munchkins loaded into her car.  She was motioning to me and yelling from her car window.  There was much confusion; I had no idea what she was trying to tell me.  I pulled my car closer and I heard her yell that the house was on fire.

Before I continue, I need to explain that my parents live on a mountain.  They are on thirteen lovely, private acres.  Their house is all wood and the trees surrounding it are abundant with fall foliage.  While the setting is tranquil, it is not ideal in an emergency.

When I was able to park my car, my mother explained the dryer had caught on fire.  The alarm sounded but they were quick to dismiss it until they saw smoke from the other end of the house.  After dialing 911, and removing the munchkins from the house, Hubby found an extinguisher in the garage.

If I was present, I would have knocked him flat on his tushie before I let him back into the house.  I was not present.  And so he went back into the house. 

The upside was he was able to put the fire in the dryer out.  The downside was that the fire had already spread into the wall.

He also came out of the house choking because of the smoke inhalation.

To make a very long story short, the fire trucks came.  We live in a small town which translates to EVERY fire truck came.  An ambulance came to check Hubby and the munchkins ran around in the wilderness.  Myself, Hubby and my mother wondered exactly what was happening inside the house, and how badly the fire had spread.

Thanks to Hubby and his extinguishing efforts, the damage was much less than what it would have been.  And aside from the house smelling like a barbecue smoker and some significant damage, we were lucky.

These past few days we have truly laughed much and counted our blessings.  All is well that ends well.

I am now reminding everyone to never run an appliance if they are leaving the house.  Never run an appliance if you are going to sleep.  And always check that your fire alarm is working properly.

As we start our week, I am hoping it is MUCH less eventful.  

Happy Columbus Day! Be safe!


  1. Hi Jodie,
    As I am sure you are well aware, dryer fires are very common~! We often forget to empty the "lint traps~!" That is usually the villian which triggers a dryer fire~!
    Kudos to Mr. Moyer, for being brave enough to reenter the house and douse the fire~! I probably would have run in the opposite direction, provided all living creatures had already exited the home~!
    Congrats to your beautiful "Gymnastics Queen" on her accomplishment~!
    I am so happy that everyone in your parents' home was spared any injuries from the fire~! <3

  2. The school where my daughter lives... the dryer started on fire a month ago in the middle of the night. I don't dry my clothes when I go to bed any more. I am happy your family is safe.


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