Sunday, October 23, 2011

Field Buddies

Usually, when I truck my munchkins to any practice or event there is an abundance of kids awaiting them.  These kids also are dragged from event to event because they aren't in school yet.  Or they aren't on a team yet.  Or they are watching their siblings play in a game.

Regardless of why they ended up there, I love all these kids.  They make my life easier.

Usually all the "field buddies" congregate and find each other.  They make up games to play and they run around like crazy people.  Every mom keeps one eye out for all of them and we throw down the hammer when things get out of control.

My munchkins look for these "friends" at every field.  They come to know the kids who will be at each practice.  Many of these kids are in different grades and even different schools, but they are buddies.  They forge a strong "we live a similar existence" bond.

And having these kids around makes "waiting around" so much easier.
There is no greater disappointment than arriving at a destination and finding no "friends" for my munchkins to play with.  I immediately must think of ways to keep them busy and dig out snacks from my purse.
"Field Buddies" make my life easy.  I love easy.

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  1. Yep, I'd agree. Field buddies are a very good thing! Love the pictures of your kids' smiles--so sweet!

    My son's sports days are behind us now, but I well remember all those good buddies he'd hang out with. Thanks for reminding me of good memories!


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