Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Party Game: Witches Brew

*An oldie but a goodie, my munchkin's party THIS year is not until Saturday...* 
Yesterday my now six year old waited all day for his birthday party.  When you are just a munchkin 4:30pm seems like it will never arrive.

LLG asked what time it was almost as much as he asks "Are we there yet" on a three hour car ride.

We spent the day decorating for his party and selecting and re-selecting party costumes.  Before I knew it, 4:30 had arrived.

And the Halloween fun began.

This year while searching online I found a fabulous Halloween game for munchkins of all ages.  As I expected, it was a huge hit among the party-goers.  And a blast to watch as well.

Witches Brew

two different colored pieces construction paper
one or two Halloween bowls, buckets or pails

On each piece of construction paper, draw and cut 2" Halloween shapes.  I cut ghosts, witches hats and bats.  You will need to cut the same amount of shapes from each color, I cut 12 shapes in black and 12 shapes in orange.

For game, set out Halloween shapes on coffee table.  Place pile of straws behind them.  You will need to put the bucket/pail/bowl to make the "brew" in the middle of the table.  I used to separate pails, one for each team.

Separate kids into two teams, one for each color of construction paper.  Have each team sit several feet from table in a straight line.  

First child will run up to table, take a clean straw, place on Halloween shape and suck in like they are drinking from a cup. 

They will then blow the shape into the "brew", and turn to tag next player.

First team to get all their shapes into the Witches Brew wins.

We played more than once because the the game was such a hit.  

Happy Sunday everyone!  Next up this week, Halloween cupcakes.

Mommyhood Footnote:  I found a slightly different version of this game on Family Fun's website.  This is a wonderful site for all party and recipe needs!

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  1. This is such a great game! Kids had a blast, thank you Jodie!


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