Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Favorite Halloween Costumes

I have been a mommy for ten Halloweens.  Over the years we have collected many costumes, some original and some not-so-original.

We do have the giant orange pumpkin suit in our costume bin.  And the pirate.  And the princess.  Ah, and of course the witch.

Naturally my favorite costumes are the ones that took some thought.  They took some preparation.  I can thank my mother for 90% of the preparation, the thinking end I handled just fine.

A few years ago, LLG loved to read Where the Wild Things Are.  He still loves to read it.  With my mother's help, LLG was able to be Max for Halloween.

For one evening, he was King of Where the Wild Things Are.

He gnashed his terrible teeth and roared his terrible roar.  And he sailed back over a year, in and out of weeks and through a day, and into the night of his very own trick-or-treat paradise.

Last year, with my oldest son finally outgrowing dressing as Mario and Luigi, we were able to get a little creative with his Halloween gear.

He asked if he could be a UPS man.  With some Rit dye and some iron on letters from Michaels he was part of the UPS team.  And his box was ideal for holding candy.
My Gymnastics Queen has a severe weakness for the Costume Express magazine that arrives twenty times every fall.  While we manage to make any costume she chooses a tad unique, her most original was the 50's girl.

With black shoes, ribbon and some felt these are easily homemade.  And adorable.  And warm with leggings underneath.
Halloween is a magical time when munchkins can be anything they like, all day long.  If you celebrate, share your favorite costumes.  I'd love to see them. 

Happy costume preparations - five days and counting until the universal sugar coma.

Mommyhood Footnote:  The Moopa has yet to ask for any particular Halloween gear.  Until she does, she will choose from the hand-me-down bin we tuck away in the basement.  That's how the cookie crumbles.


  1. Very sweet!!! Love the costumes!!!

  2. I LOVE Max!! What a great costume.. creative overall, but that's definitely my fave!


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