Saturday, October 8, 2011

A "Real Housewives" Run In

Last night was interesting.

Hubby and I dropped our two youngest munchkins with my mother for the evening, and we decided to treat the older two munchkins to dinner.

Our schedule and our finances do not allow for many dinners out with the munchkins. 

We decided to head down the street to the restaurant where I work.  We know everyone, the food is delish and it's pub style.

We can also play Keno.  

After we finished our dinner and lost some money playing Keno, Hubby announces that the band just arrived.  We all looked out the window next to our cozy booth and saw a large "limo bus".  It was extremely large.

I work at this restaurant every weekend.  I see bands arrive.  I told Hubby this band must have some serious groupies.  And if they are good enough to travel in that bus, they are about to be quite disappointed with the turnout currently awaiting them.

We continued to watch as people exited the bus.  There was a camera man.  And a lady in very tight, shimmery cocktail dress.  She was tiny, and the dress was rather naked.

Since it was approximately fifty five degrees outside, she added a maroon "boa" to keep her warm.  I would have gone with a parka, but apparently the boa worked for her.

I couldn't help but watch her.  She was very familiar.  Confident.  She was half naked and it was freezing outside.  She had a gentleman with her who was short in stature.  He was wearing jeans and a button down dress shirt.

My munchkins were very interested in this scene in the parking lot.  They have never seen a band arrive anywhere.  Let alone a band arrive right outside the window of the restaurant they are dining in.

I was very interested in this scene because she was familiar.  And there was a camera.  And then I realized she looked like Teresa Giudice.  She looked EXACTLY like Teresa Giudice.  And the man looked like her husband.

My mommybrain is slow, and as I told Hubby that looked like the lady from Real Housewives, he mentioned that it MUST BE the lady from Real Housewives of New Jersey.

And it was.

Just as I was about to dash out the front door and ask for a picture, they loaded the bus.  Disappointment washed over us as we realized they were not coming in for dinner.  But it was rather exciting regardless.

The munchkins had quite an evening.  Dinner out, a little Keno and a celebrity siting right outside their booth window. 

Never a dull moment in Mommyhood.

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  1. How cool! I am sure they will remember that night. I like your simple recipes...great collection!


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