Friday, October 28, 2011

Stand Aside and Let Him Climb

A few years ago, while at a local festival, my Sports Fanatic asked to climb a rock wall.

The wall was high.  There were grown men unsuccessfully attempting to climb the same wall.

My boy was only 7.

Since I am not a fan of heights, or any experience that requires a safety belt and a helmet, I was hesitant.  But my little guy insisted he wanted to climb the wall.

And so we let him.

To make a long story about a phenomenal memory short, he took our breath away.
He never looked down, never quit climbing, and he went all the way to the top.

As a parent it's tough to push my own fears aside and let my munchkins discover who they are.  I constantly fight the urge to shield them, protect them and keep them under my wing.

I'm forever reminding myself to stand back, breathe, and remember how much they are capable of.

Because it's so much more than even they could imagine.
Happy Weekend ~ hope it's amazing!

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