Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank Heavens for the Dog

Every few nights, my little guy sneaks into our room because he can't sleep.  Or he had a bad dream.  Or he just feels like it.

Regardless, I flag him into my bed because my butt is not gettin' up.

Recently I inquired why he is sneaking into our room at night.  He told me it's because he "doesn't have anyone" when he gets afraid.

His older sister has the Moopa in her room.  I have Daddy.  The Sports Fanatic has his bunk bed.

Don't ask.

Tonight when I went to say goodnight to dear LLG, he had solved his problem.

I'll let you know how this new "arrangement" works out.  I'm thinking the dog is pretty pleased.  

As long as my "midnight wanderer" stays in bed and the dog doesn't leave a 2am poop on the rug I'll let this continue.

Thank heavens for the dog.  She causes plenty of problems but she manages to solve them as well.

Have a fabulous Wednesday.  The weekend is on its way!


  1. This is so cute :-) My teenage son still likes sleeping with his dog.

  2. It is funny how little problems have a way of working themselves out~! Our cat sleeps with me, and I become very lonely when Reggie decides to go downstairs to rest~! I am 61 years old, and pets were a no-no when I was younger~! Thank God, I became liberated as I attempted to mature~! Animals have a way of bringing peace and love when it is most needed~!
    Keep going strong, Jodie~! I now need your blogs to keep me going in my senior years~! (hahaha) <3


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