Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Trip to the Dentist

On Monday, the munchkins had no school.  I love to torture them and make necessary appointments on "no school" days.

Monday was Mommyhood's day at the dentist.

I make my life easy and book all their dental appointments one after the other.  An assembly line of cleanings.  We book a two hour time block and rotate the munchkins in and out of the hygienist chair.

Luckily we are close, personal friends with our dentist.  And we have evolved since my oldest munchkin thrashed, screamed and sent the dentist tools flying as a Novocaine needle approached him a few years ago.

We have learned to be "good patients".  An important, difficult lesson to learn.

The munchkins now entertain the office while I discuss palate expanders, cavities, flossing and braces.

Always good times.

I am happy to announce we were mostly cavity free.  The only cavity detected was in a baby tooth.  Thank heavens those stinkers fall out.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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  1. Haha, well, dentist appointments are not fun for kids during those school-free days, but they are convenient. Getting the kids to cooperate is a bit of a challenge sometimes, but a bit of patience can go a long way.


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