Friday, November 4, 2011

2012 Disney Dining Plan Prices

I am posting the 2012 Dining Plan Prices solely to add to my Disney Tips N' Tricks Page.  I aim to inform, and with the new dining plan price hikes I felt the new prices were worth a mention.

And a tear.

I still advocate buying into the Disney Dining Plan and enjoying every ingested calorie.  Walt Disney World knows how to make life easy on all of us.  They certainly don't make it cheap, but they do make it easy.
2012 Disney Dining Plan Prices

Quick Service Dining Plan (2 quick service "cafeteria style" meals and 2 snacks per person per day)

Adults: $34.99 | Children: $11.99

Basic Dining Plan (1 table service meal (restaurant style), 1 quick service meal (see above) and 1 snack per person per day)

Adults: $51.54 (regular season) | $53.54 (peak season)
Children: $15.02 (regular season) | $16.02 (peak season)

Deluxe Dining Plan (3 meals per day, any combination of quick service or table service meals and 2 snacks per person per day.  Refillable Resort mug for each guest included.)

Adults: $85.52 (regular season) | $89.52 (peak season)
Children: $23.79 (regular season) | $25.79 (peak season)

***Peak Seasons: 2/16/12 - 2/25/12, 3/09/12 - 4/14/12, 6/1/12 - 8/4/12, 12/21/12 - 12/31/12***

Start saving your hard earned dollars.  As I said before, Disney doesn't come cheap.

A few keys to remember:

Gratuity is not included, alcoholic beverages are extra and not every restaurant participates in the dining plan. 

There are certain restaurants (Cinderella's Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom for instance) which charge 2 table service meals for each person.

Every guest staying in your room MUST participate in the plan.  There is no "pick and choose" option, such as Mom and Dad are on dining plan but children are not.

For more information on prices, participating restaurants and anything else Dining Plan, visit Disney's Dining Plan Site.

Happy planning!


  1. Hey Jodie! We are going to disney for Thanksgiving and really hoping that Grant will enjoy some of the rides and attractions. I know some of your kids have been there around G's age (he'll be 2 in January). Anything they really liked or hated? Thanks for any advice. I've been checking out your disney tips and tricks!

  2. I just wanted to update the post that th quick service only offers one snack per person per day now.

    1. Thanks rosy! I'll update the information!:)

  3. Are these per day prices? We do not plan on going for a couple years still. My husband has no want to go, and thinks I'm but for wanting to go so bad. We finally agreed that we will wait until our youngest is 3 or 4 before our first trip. I would really like to talk him into a just him and I trip before so he can understand the magic.that is Disney before he has to entertain kids and not 'get it'

  4. Do you know if in Dec, will the Espn Grill at the sports complex will be open for service? It on the quick service list and my husband and 9 yr old son woulo love to catch some football on Sunday when we are there. If its not do you have any other suggestions besides the Espn Club? They don't want a sit down meal, more casual.
    THank you, Jul

  5. As I am reading on the Disney World website, I am reading that you can only do the dining plan if you do a vacation that true? Definitely thought we could get the dining plan separately. I understand you have to get one for each guest for the whole amount of stay but was unclear about the "vacation package" part.

    1. Hi Katie, you need to be staying in a Disney resort to have the dining plan. You don't need to purchase a package, but you have to book a disney resort and add dining. :)


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