Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black Friday 2011: You Ready?

A few years ago, Black Friday became a holiday in my home.  I went out one morning at 4am, and I returned home with more bags than I could handle.  The deals were phenomenal. 

Ever since I have looked forward to this day like a five year old looks forward to a bouncy house party.

While I am not certain of my work schedule this year, I can assure you I will be shopping either online or in store.

Here are Mommyhood's Black Friday tips:

1.  Remember most deals can be found online.  If you prefer to do Black Friday in your jammies, go for it.  Most sites have the same sales and offer free shipping.

2.  If you are hittin' the pavement this year, plan accordingly.  Check what stores will be open first.  Prioritize what deals are most important. 

This year, Target and Kohls will be opening at midnight.  In the past these were 2nd or 3rd stops because they opened at 4am or 5am.  This year if you get there at 5am the best deals will be picked through or completely gone.

3.  If going to a shopping center where you will be going from store to store, take an umbrella stroller with you.  There is no greater bag holding tool.  Umbrella stroller are also wonderful when store carts are slim to none.

4.  You will need to be outside waiting for a store to open to find the best advertised deals.  If you aren't in need of any special "doorbuster", go an hour after store opening.  This is when all the "doorbuster shoppers" are in line checking out. 

This is also how you best avoid a stampede.

5.  Make the day an adventure.  Be patient, have fun.  And don't forget the diner for breakfast.

Black Friday Sites:
Black Friday 2011


  1. We go on Saturday and have every year since, well, before I was born. It's tradition and for us it's more about the camraderie that we get as a family of female shoppers than getting the best deals. The best deals are what I get on Cyber Monday. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I adore Black Friday. I'm so sad this year that we're going to be in the middle of nowhere visiting my H's family. :( It's beyond depressing to think of not having my tradition!


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