Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Elf on the Shelf

Next week, our elf Stanley will be arriving at our home.  He is a trusted elf, straight from Santa's workshop.

He has been visiting our home for several years, and he has truly given us one of our most cherished holiday traditions.

Stanley arrives right after Thanksgiving, and he stays through Christmas Eve.  He watches all we do, and he makes nightly trips to the North Pole to report back to Santa.

Stanley is a gem.  He waits for the munchkins to find him every morning, and he brings all necessary correspondence with him when he makes his nightly voyage to Santa.  This cuts back on postage costs and keeps all "wish lists" up to date.

The only trick with Stanley is you can't touch him.  If he is touched, his magic is gone.

And this Elf is true magic in our home.  He is a refreshing, welcome guest throughout the Christmas season.

If you celebrate this season with Santa, I highly recommend welcoming one of Stanley's friends your home. They may look a tad creepy, but they sure do lend a hand. 

And a watchful eye. 

Read more about Stanley here.  And then get your butt to the local bookstore.

No time for the bookstore?  Amazon has your back.

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