Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forever Thankful

Thankful for family.  Thankful for good friends. 

Thankful for warm hugs and wet munchkin kisses. 

I have a roof over my head all day, I have a pillow for my head at night.  We enjoy very occasional nights out and we laugh together on many nights spend in. 

I'm thankful we have food in the fridge, and I have the luxury of setting the thermostat at a toasty 65 degrees.

Our house is not fancy, but we have one.  My couches may have tears and marker scribbles, but they sure are cozy. 

Our life is full.  Our health is strong.  Our struggles are small in comparison to what I've seen in my lifetime.

And I haven't seen much. 

I'm forever thankful, in everything. 


Wishing everyone a VERY HAPPY Thanksgiving!
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