Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Homemade Christmas Decorating Ideas via Pinterest

While I run to the store and make my first of several returns for the season, I shall share some of my favorite Christmas decor from Pinterest.

There is no better time wasting site than Pinterest.  If you are not already addicted, save yourself and forget I ever mentioned the place.

My current handmade favorites...

Excellent and easy outdoor idea:

Arm yourself with colorful cookie cutters, ribbon and a glue gun for this one:

Gorgeous for the window:

The mantle, using paper Christmas plates:

December 1st is Thursday.  Get your decorating boots on and get to work!


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  1. I spent my morning on Pinterest looking over Christmas decorating ideas also! I finally had to step away!!! So after school today my girls and I are making melted snowman ornaments! They look absolutely adorable and easy to make! :) ~Amanda


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